B&G Zeus Sailing Navigtaion System – 12″ Display



The Display
At the core of the Zeus system lies a high specification multifunction display. Its powerful processor allows high speed access to a comprehensive range of capabilities, while a combination of direct access keys, keypad and rotary dial ensure that features can be activated, and data input and manipulated, in an easy and straightforward fashion.

Integrated Navigation System
The B&G Zeus display comes with an integral chartplotter with ultra-fast redraw and pre-loaded regional charts. Its in-built multifunction capabilities additionally equip it to act as a hub for a wide range of B&G and Navico instruments; displaying data in combinations, layouts and formats selected by the user, and allowing the full control and input of data.

Key Features:

The unique weather functionality of the B&G Zeus allows the user to forecast data overlaid on to the chart to gain a clear understanding of the conditions that they are likely to face.


  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Barometric pressure with pressure centre indicators
  • Manual time step control – select any available forecast time
  • Animation option shows how weather systems are likely to develop and allows the sailor to take appropriate steps to prepare, or route around
  • Cursor Info feature allows quick assessment of the forecast at a particular location and time


Sail Navigation
Important sailing data is overlaid onto the Zeus chart, enabling an assessment of the most efficient route to be sailed rather than a simple straight-line “power boat” waypoint to waypoint route.




  • Water and Ground vectors show the effect of tide and leeway on your course
  • Mark and Boat Laylines are displayed. Easily assess whether the boat will be able to clear a headland or obstacle on its next tack. Laylines can be configured to display
  • Manual (user) wind angle target
  • Actual True Wind Angle from instruments
  • Target True Wind Angle (H3000 instruments with Polar tables only)
  • Option to correct layline positions for measured tidal flow
  • Historic min/max layline positions allow the navigator to make a safe decision to tack for a headland or waypoint based on the recent range of True Wind Direction
  • Time and distance to layline information is provided for each tack, allowing preparation time for maneuvers

    Integration with B&G H3000 Instruments
    Direct integration with B&G H3000 instruments via H-Link allows the B&G Zeus navigation software to assess the conditions using the most accurate data possible and enables the configuration of instrument functions.

    Integral chartplotter with preloaded cartography (Nautic InsightT for the USA and Navionics coastal packages for Europe and APAC). A slot for SD cards allows the use of optional cartography including Navionics Platinum+ with 3D Turboview.

    Radar, Sounders & Much More
    B&G Zeus will control and display data from a wide range of additional navigation instruments including:

    • Broadband Radar
    • HD radar
    • AIS
    • DSC VHF radios
    • Pilots
    • Echo sounders and fishfinders
    • SonicHub and other approved Ethernet, SimNet and NMEA2000 devices such as CZone Digital switching, StructureScan, BSM-1 sounder and SIRIUS satellite weather (US only).
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