Furuno NavNet 3D 4kW 3.5′ Ultra High Definition (UHD™) Digital Radar



Furuno NavNet 3D 4kW 3.5’ Ultra High Definition (UHD™) Digital Radar Standard Features:

  1. PSU012 Power Supply Unit is required option for use with MFD8, TZT9 and TZT14
  2. 4kW, 48 n.m. Radar Antenna for NavNet 3D and TZtouch with a stylish 3.5′ Open Array
  3. Ultra High Definition (UHD™) Digital Radar offers crystal clear, noise-free target presentation with automatic real-time digital signal processing
  4. Real-time digital auto Gain/Sea/Rain controls to deliver noise-free radar presentation
  5. Radar antenna rotation speed (24/36/48 rpm) is automatically shifted to the appropriate pulse length
  6. Simultaneous scanning technology drives our powerful dual-range radar, providing unsurpassed target detection. With each sweep of antenna, dual progressive scan transmissions are sent, received and processed to display two separate radar ranges on your NavNet 3D display simultaneously. Each radar presentation acts autonomously, allowing for manipulation of individual gain and clutter controls

Gearbox incorporates a Network port to which certain Furuno network sensors; including the WS200 Wind Sensor, SC30 Satellite Compass and GP330B GPS Receiver, can be directly connected. Power for these networked sensors is supplied directly from the gearbox itself, allowing for flexible installation of multiple sensors without the need to run cables all the way to the main processor unit

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