Si-Tex CVS-841C Color Sonar Fishfinder



The new Si-Tex CVS-841 Color LCD Video Sounder features exclusive “Instant Replay”. Unlike conventional sounders, the CVS-841 has the ability to vary the gain and STC of the entire image including previous captured images. This allows user to go back instantly to enhance images on the screen and analyze ground that has already been covered in greater detail.

  • 10.4″ TFT color LCD 16-color display with conrast, brightness and background adjustments for excellent readability—day and night.
  • Dual-frequency operation with any combination of 28, 38, 50 or 200 kHz.
  • All frequencies and 1kW or 3kW power outputs are built-in to each unit with appropriate transducer.
  • Depth ranges from 0-10′ to 0-4000′ on 1kW unit and from 0 to 8000′ on 3kW unit.
  • Rotary and keypad controls for easy operation.
  • Lat/Lon or Loran-C LOP when connected to the optional receiver.
  • Bottom zoom and shifting functions.
  • 15-level color rejection, 12-selectable image speeds.
  • Selectable A-Scope.
  • Enhanced Interference Rejection.
  • Dual VRM’s.
  • Shallow/deep and fish alarms.
  • Split-screen displays.
  • Big-number navigational display with GPS input.
  • Built-in flush mount system.
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